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Trim Clips – Xmas Tree Clip Master Kit

Part No: CA2085
Product image may not be 100% accurate

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  • 16 Types
  • 16 Sizes: 6.4mm to 10mm Dia.
  • Lengths: 13.5mm to 35mm
  • Grey, Black & White
  • 690 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Replacement packs quantity may differ from original kit quantity.

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
CBP03GREY LEN:22mm DIA: 6.8mm HD:16mm50Details
CBP04BLACK LEN:27mm DIA: 6.8mm HD:16mm50Details
CBP57BLACK LEN:18MM DIA: 4.7mm HD:16mm50Discontinued
CBP58BLACK LEN:17.2mm DIA: 6.4mm HD:14mm50Details
CBP60BLACK LEN:22mm HOLE:8mm HD:18mm50Details
CBP61BLACK LEN:16.7mm DIA: 7.3mm HD:20mm50Details
CBP62BLACK LEN:13.5mm HOLE: 6.4-6.6mm HD:20.8mm50Details
CBP63BLACK LEN:27mm DIA: 7.6mm HOLE:4.6mm HD:20.4mm40Details
CBP105BLACK LEN:18mm HOLE:5mm HD:13mm50Details
CBP158BLACK LEN:21mm DIA: 8mm HD:25mm20Details
CBP173GREY LEN:20mm DIA: 8mm HD:17.5mm50Details
CBP174BLACK LEN:23mm DIA: 7mm HD:18mm50Details
CBP175CLEAR LEN:32mm HOLE:8mm HD:25mm25Details
CBP176BLACK LEN:19mm DIA: 10mm HD:24mm25Details
CBP177BLACK LEN:35mm HOLE:8mm HD:18mm30Details
CBP178BLACK LEN:20mm DIA: 8mm HD:17.5mm50Details

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