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Trim Clips – Scrivet Master Kit

Part No: CA2080
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  • Includes Scrivets and Push Rivets
  • 16 Types
  • 650 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Replacement packs quantity may differ from original kit quantity.

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
CBP08SCREW TYPE LEN:18mm HOLE:6mm HD:15mm50Details
CBP36PUSH RIVET LEN:9mm HOLE:8mm HD:M14 x 22mm50Details
CBP160SCRIVET LEN:18mm HOLE:8mm HD:20mm40Details
CBP161SCRIVET LEN:27mm HOLE:10mm HD:20mm50Details
CBP162SCRIVET LEN:12mm HOLE:8mm HD:18mm50Details
CBP163PUSH RIVET LEN:28mm HOLE:9mm HD:18mm25Details
CBP164PUSH RIVET LEN:13mm HOLE:10mm HD:20mm25Details
CBP165PUSH RIVET LEN:11mm HOLE:8mm HD:20mm40Details
CBP166SCRIVET LEN:10mm HOLE:7mm HD:17mm50Details
CBP167PUSH RIVET LEN:20mm HOLE:8mm HD:15mm50Details
CBP168PUSH RIVET LEN:20mm HOLE:8mm HD:20mm30Details
CBP169PUSH RIVET LEN:9mm HOLE:9 x 9mm HD:20mm40Details
CBP170PUSH RIVET LEN:7mm HOLE:7mm HD:18mm50Details
CBP171PUSH RIVET LEN:8mm HOLE:6mm HD:14mm25Details
CBP172PUSH RIVET LEN:17mm HOLE:6mm HD:15mm50Details

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