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Metric Grease Nipple Assortment

Part No: CA109
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Grease nipples allow for consistent and quality lubrication, from both straight and angled directions.
This kit contains 105 pieces covering 12 sizes from 6mm to 10mm diameter.

  • Metric
  • Straight and Angle Nipples
  • Metric, Fine and Coarse Threads
  • 12 Sizes: 6mm to 10mm Dia.
  • 105 Pieces

Replacement Packs

Replacement packs quantity may differ from original kit quantity.

Part No.DescriptionQTYLink
C109-1M6 x 1.00mm-STRAIGHT40Details
C109-2M6 x 1.00mm SELF-TAPP-STRAIGHT7Details
C109-3M6 x 1.00mm-45°10Details
C109-4M6 x 1.00mm-90°8Details
C109-5M8 x 1.00mm-STRAIGHT8Details
C109-7M8 x 1.00mm-45°5Details
C109-8M8 x 1.00mm-90°5Details
C109-9M8 x 1.25mm-STRAIGHT5Details
C109-11M8 x 1.25mm-90°5Details
C109-12M10 x 1.00mm-STRAIGHT4Details
C109-13M10 x 1.00mm-45°4Details
C109-14M10 x 1.00mm-90°4Details

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