Do You Recognise These Kits?

Champion Fasteners has been a leading supplier of high-quality fasteners to professional automotive for more than 50 years.

Established in the sixties by Clarrie Pryor, Champion Parts also known as Champion Fasteners have been a leading supplier of an extensive range of high-quality fasteners to professional automotive, industrial and engineering workshops for over 50 years.

The introduction of the iconic red kit box in the early mid-eighties sometimes referred to as a “Grab Kit” offered the customer a convenient high-quality solution to workshop consumables.

This quality coupled with a high customer focus has forged Champion as one of the leaders in fasteners and consumables across multiple industries.

Together with Master Kit – a more extensive heavy-duty metal-cased assortment, the Champion range on offer was quickly accepted by major automotive and trade distributors including the Australian Department of Defence.

With over 400 assortments on offer, all kits have replacement packs available to replenish the items you use; much better than replacing the whole kit when you have only run out of the items you use the most.

Being 100% Australian Owned all Champion Assortments and packs are packaged in their Melbourne factory using local and imported products.

In addition to the assortment range, Champion also offers a huge selection of single items packaged or in bulk quantities.

Champion has a very strong heritage and thrives to provide the highest level of customer service and products which conform to international specifications.

As the slogan says, “Champion Fasteners Holding Australia together since 1968”.

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