M8 x 25mm Header Bolts for LS V8 Engines

LS Header bolts

When it comes to maintaining and upgrading your LS engine header or exhaust manifold, selecting the right header bolts is crucial for ensuring performance and longevity of the seal. Header bolts play a vital role in securing the header or exhaust manifold to the engine block, and the right choice can make a significant difference in the overall reliability of your engine.

Why Quality Header Bolts Matter

Header bolts are subjected to extreme temperatures and pressures, especially in high-performance engines. Using high-quality header bolts is essential to prevent leaks, maintain a secure connection, and avoid potential engine damage. Made from high-tensile 12.9 steel, these bolts ensure durability and consistent performance under high-stress conditions. Champion Fasteners offers a range of header bolt pack sizes specifically designed for LS V8 engines, providing durability and reliability you can trust.

These bolts are drop-in replacements for your original header bolts or any aftermarket header or exhaust manifold that you may install.

Available in the Following Pack Sizes:

10 Pack: CHB2-10

12 Pack: CBOL4

25 Pack: CHB2-25

100 Pack: CHB2-100


  • M8 x 25mm
  • Black
  • Steel
  • GRADE 12.9
  • Pack Size: 12
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