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Merchandiser – Vacuum Hose and Tube Connectors

Part No: CVH1
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  • This wall merchandiser carries a popular selection of vacuum and fuel hose fittings. All packaged in reusable blisters, designed to be sold at one price.  These fittings are ideal for automotive and industrial use. They are fuel compatible with connectors manufactured from acetal resin and feature tapered thread fittings made from polyamide 6.
  • 3 x 49 types of Vacuum Connector Packs.
  • Total of 147 packs
  • 400mm x 1100mm (including header board)

Replacement Packs

Replacement packs quantity may differ from original kit quantity.

Part No.DescriptionQuantityLink
CVC1T Piece 3mm3Details
CVC2T Piece 5mm3Details
CVC3T Piece 6mm3Details
CVC4T Piece 8mm3Details
CVC5T Piece 10mm3Details
CVC690 deg. elbow 3mm3Details
CVC790 deg. elbow 5mm3Details
CVC890 deg. elbow 6mm3Details
CVC990 deg. elbow 8mm3Details
CVC1090 deg. elbow 10mm3Details
CVC11Reducing T piece 3mm 4mm 3mm3Details
CVC12Reducing T piece 4mm 6mm 4mm3Details
CVC13Reducing T piece 6mm 4mm 6mm3Details
CVC14Reducing T piece 8mm 4mm 8mm3Details
CVC15Reducing T piece 8mm 6mm 8mm3Details
CVC16Reducing T piece 10mm 6mm 10mm3Details
CVC17Straight Connector 3mm3Details
CVC18Straight Connector 5mm3Details
CVC19Straight Connector 6mm3Details
CVC20Straight Connector 8mm3Details
CVC21Straight Connector 10mm3Details
CVC22Reducing straight connector 4mm – 3mm3Details
CVC23Reducing straight connector 6mm – 4mm3Details
CVC24Reducing straight connector 8mm – 6mm3Details
CVC25Reducing straight connector 10mm – 6mm3Details
CVC26Reducing straight connector 10mm – 8mm3Details
CVC274 way X piece 5mm3Details
CVC284 way X piece 6mm3Details
CVC293 way Y piece 3mm3Details
CVC303 way Y piece 5mm3Details
CVC313 way Y piece 6mm3Details
CVC323 way Y piece 8mm3Details
CVC333 way Y piece 10mm3Details
CVC34Reducing Y piece 6mm – 8mm – 6mm3Details
CVC35Tailpiece 4mm x 1/4 BSP3Details
CVC36Tailpiece 5mm x 1/4 BSP3Details
CVC37Tailpiece 6mm x 1/4 BSP3Details
CVC38Tailpiece 8mm x 1/4 BSP3Details
CVC39Elbow 6mm x 1/4 BSP3Details
CVC40Elbow 8mm x 1/4 BSP3Details
CVC41Hex taper plug 1/8 BSP3Details
CVC42Hex taper plug 1/4 BSP3Details
CVC43Hex taper plug 3/8 BSP3Details
CVC443mm cap3Details
CVC454mm cap3Details
CVC465mm cap3Details
CVC476mm cap3Details
CVC488mm cap3Details
CVC4910mm cap3Details

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